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Chineasy Tiles

Chineasy Tiles
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Chineasy Limited

Chineasy Tiles is a thoroughly engaging and entertaining way to develop Chinese language skills by playing games. It is a fun and effective approach that employs 48 essential characters that are the basis for more than 200 commonly used Chinese language phrases. The artwork on the game components uses cleverly designed images of common objects and actions that help players intuitively remember the name and meaning of these Chinese characters. The Chineasy Tiles Play Guide details over a dozen games that, in addition to teaching language, help promote creativity, concentration, cognitive development, problem solving, communication and cooperation, among other skills. With Chineasy Tiles, learning occurs so naturally that players are unaware of how much they are mentally absorbing. In addition to an abundance of delightful two-sided Chineasy Tiles, the set includes a master playing board, 4 individual playboards and several dozen flash cards - more than 150 pieces in all! Numerous additional resources, such as a Parent's Guide and Teachers Guide are available for free online.