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Circuit Builder 120

Circuit Builder 120
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

E-Blox, Inc.

The Circuit Builder 120 provides children with countless hours of immersive fun and learning that would be at home in any STEM curriculum. Over the course of 120 succinct and enlightening projects, children discover how lights, alarms, motors, switches (and much more) work and even create a working FM radio! The unique design of the set's 46 parts allows kids to quickly adapt and modify their projects, moving from one to the next with ease. Observing such a wide range of cause and effect relationships helps youngsters truly absorb the knowledge behind the scientific principles at work. The substantive project manual begins with a primer on electricity through which kids learn historical facts, nomenclature and definitions of key words such as current, voltage, circuit, conductor and more before embarking on the exciting, hands-on projects!