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Code Hopper

Code Hopper
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017


The marvel of Code Hopper is how effectively this exceptionally fun and action-filled children's toy teaches algorithmic thinking and other coding concepts without the use of any electronic devices. It is a brilliant, refreshing approach to learning while playing through which youngsters create and follow programming logic while keeping their minds productively busy and their bodies active. The set consists of 12 two-sided foam mats, each of which displays either an action, a question, or one of several repeat commands and that can be linked together in any desired order. Each new variation results in an action-based flowchart over the course of which kids step, kick, wave, jump, stomp, wiggle (and more) while becoming familiar with essential programming concepts such as sequencing, conditional statements and looping. Code Hopper is an educational tour de force with a strong fitness element, a boon to body and mind that children enjoy every hop, skip and jump of the way! Includes excellent instructions with parent guide.