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Conduct Dough Lights

Conduct Dough Lights
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017


Conduct Dough Lights is an outstanding way for children to explore the fundamentals of circuits and electricity. Kids excitedly mold the set's conductive and non-conductive dough into a variety of shapes and then perform enlightening experiments using the LED lights included in the kit. Eight pattern cards provide the foundation upon which youngsters cut, shape, and color-match the dough according to fun illustrations, then imbed the LEDs according to an image in the lower right corner of the card. Amidst all this playful kneading and shaping, budding scientists create and learn about simple circuits, short circuits, series and parallel circuits, conductivity and more! Includes battery-powered work station, 3 containers of colored conductive dough, 1 container of non-conductive dough, 8 custom LED lights, 8 pattern cards with 15 designs, dough cutter, and activity guide. Requires one 9-volt battery (sold separately).