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Connectrix Junior

Connectrix Junior
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Best Learning Materials Corp.

The abundance of educational topics incorporated into this interactive electronic game make it a phenomenally fun way for children to learn while playing. Connectrix Junior's 570+ questions span subjects ranging from letters, numbers, shapes, animals, and basic math to more advanced concepts such as measuring units, coordinates, weather climates and more! There are 48 two-sided lesson cards in all, each bearing numerous images youngsters must correctly pair together (one match per question) in order to give the answer. Kids can play alone or with friends and family in Co-operative Mode or switch to Versus Mode for competitive one on one or team play. Answers are given by keying them into one of the handheld controllers, in response to which a cheerful voice (via the unit's speaker) either enthusiastically confirms the correctness or encourages the player to try again. Connectrix Junior is a great way for children to build and reinforce new skills while having fun every step of the way!