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Creator Kit

Creator Kit
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

1 - 11 yrs.

This amazing modular kit (the first of its kind) lets families build 10 different children's rides - walkers, scooters, bikes, trikes, go-carts, and more! The kit's components, instructions, and the incredibly durable life-sized rides it produces are of unsurpassed quality. And the value of Infento's Creator Kit is almost miraculously high given that it continually serves the riding needs of children as they grow and develop new physical abilities. But the stunningly well-crafted vehicles are only part of the fun. The process of building them produces treasured family time that is both immensely enjoyable and highly beneficial. Kids learn invaluable creative and technical skills and, just as importantly, a mindset that will help them tackle challenges in confident, proactive ways well into the future.