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CuddleBright Experience

CuddleBright Experience
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

0-5 yrs.

CuddleBright Experience helps Mom and Dad connect deeply with their young children and to sustain a healthy, reassuring emotional bond when parent and child are apart. The set includes a soft, cuddly lovie for the child, a delightful board story book, a parenting guide, and a special keepsake heart for the parent. The parenting guide acts as an invaluable road map that shows parents how to implement warm, loving (and highly enjoyable) routines, particularly when transitioning hello and goodbye. The board book, read aloud, helps evolve transitions into joyous affairs that reinforce the permanence of the parent-child connection. Young ones learn to associate the warm, cozy lovie with Mom and Dad and to use it to self-soothe when they are away. The keepsake heart similarly comforts parents. CuddleBright's carefully woven experiences and interactions can have an enormous and long-lasting beneficial impact on a child's well-being and emotional development.