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Day 'N Night Elephant Pal

Day 'N Night Elephant Pal
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Winfat Industrial Company Limited

The Day 'N Night Elephant Pal keeps young ones captivated with its array of eye-catching colors and patterns, inviting textures and audio visual effects. The mix of physical and electronic features provides stimulating activities to which children respond by exploring every little detail. The mirror reflects the baby's visage but also functions as a screen on which light-up animal images appear (cat, dog, bird or frog) accompanied by that animal's sound. Two modes of play offer music and sound effects appropriate to the time of day or the parent's goal of stimulating or soothing the baby. In Day Mode, the melodies are cheerful and upbeat, and pulling on either the teether or rattle ring triggers individual animal images/sounds. Night Mode provides gentle lullabies and soothing sound effects. Rattle and teether are stimulating and soothing physical toys, and the elephant's ears make delightful crinkling sounds when touched. The Day 'N Night Elephant Pal amply entertains young children while providing an interactive playground that helps develop sensory perception, motor skills and an abundant sense of curiosity!