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Dragon Robot

Dragon Robot
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

4M Industrial Development Limited

Dragon Robot is several things at once: immensely satisfying build, informative science kit, fun and amusing motorized toy. Once assembled, sliding the switch to the on position sends Dragon Robot scuttling across the floor, its toothy jaws opening and closing prominently as it travels forward. Anticipation of that payoff keeps kids happy and focused while building this motorized creature, a process that consists primarily of properly positioning parts in relation to one another and applying gentle pressure. The only items needed outside those included in the kit are a screwdriver and scissors (both used only briefly) and one AA 1.5-volt battery. The science behind the action is explained in a section at the end of the instructions titled 'How It Works," along with an additional paragraph that reveals eye-opening fun facts about historical robots and how the interactions between ratchets and wheels work.