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EduQuiz Basic Set I

EduQuiz Basic Set I
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Best Learning Materials Corp.

This electronic quiz game is one of the most enjoyable and effective educational toys we've seen, a remarkable blend of interactive fun and learning. The set's 30 lesson cards have several learning activities on either side. Inserting a card into the slot on the EduQuiz unit allows kids to answer questions by pressing images on the card. The wide-ranging activities help children develop early learning skills that include shapes, numbers, math, time, animals, logical thinking and much more! Since all of the questions are posed visually, even the process by which the child assesses what, exactly, is being asked constitutes an invaluable exercise in critical thinking. For example, when confronted with an image of a xylophone followed by a maraca and a mallet, the child chooses the mallet because it is used to play the xylophone - the maraca is the odd man out. The huge fun factor keeps kids gleefully coming back for more, each time developing and reinforcing newfound skills!