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Firefox Glider

Firefox Glider
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Firefox Toys

This hand launch glider performed well in every regard, yielding loads of fun for the children and parents who played with it. Ease of use was very high. Assembly, which consists of nothing more than sliding the wings into two precut spaces in the midsection and tail of the glider's body (no glue, no tape), took 5 seconds. The very first attempt at flight sent Firefox Glider soaring an impressive 50 feet through the air, with many subsequent throws taking it considerably farther. The strong, flexible EPO foam construction (one would almost have to intentionally abuse it to break it) enables wings to be shaped by hand to produce varying flight trajectories. Firefox Glider's appearance - white body, black cockpit, red decals on wings - is simple yet eye-catching, and its sensitivity and responsiveness to variations in force and angle of throw makes it a joy to experiment with, leading to many hours of exploration and all-out fun.