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Flopsie - Rainbow Unicorn 12-inch

Flopsie - Rainbow Unicorn 12-inch
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Aurora World
0 - 99

It is not easy to stand out in the plush toy category these days, but this Flopsie Rainbow Unicorn does so abundantly, and in so many ways! Eye-catching does not begin to describe the stunning combination of visual elements that make this unicorn so uniquely adorable. The luxuriously white body and head are graced by a sparkling silver spiral horn, shimmering purple ears and hooves, and fluffy rainbow-colored mane and tail. Big, beautiful eyes convey such a high degree of lifelike personality that kids immediately begin chattering away with their new companion as though they were long lost friends. So soft and fluffy to the touch is this Flopsie - there are many other animals available in the line - that it is hard to image a higher quality plush. And the huggability factor is so gratifyingly high that once physical contact has been made, children (and parents) find it exceedingly difficult to relinquish their hold on these plush wonders!