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Flying Kiwis

Flying Kiwis
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Blue Orange Games

Even if Flying Kiwis weren't such terrific fun, it would undoubtedly win awards for things like zaniest game concept, most cleverly designed components and best board game catapult! The little kiwis (flightless birds native to New Zealand) would like to vacation abroad and have struck on the idea of shipping themselves out of the country disguised as kiwi fruit. Clever birds, those kiwi, but they need your help. On a signal, all players spring into action without taking turns, using their catapults to launch 10 kiwis apiece, one after another, with the intent of landing them inside the communal fruit crate. Any player who manages to land 4 kiwis inside the crate grouped in a line or a square instantly wins the game. If no such grouping occurs, points are awarded based on how many of a given player's kiwis are topmost in a crate compartment and the number of kiwis resting beneath it. Flying Kiwis is full-scale, laughter-filled fun for the entire family! For 2 to 4 players.