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Gecko Blocks

Gecko Blocks
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Cassidy Labs

Full-on creativity becomes the norm due to an unusual characteristic these blocks bring to the table: simply touching one to another causes them to stick together with surprising ease. Stack several blocks, lift the top one, and the rest come with it. A gentle pull is sufficient to take them apart again. The speed with which this gravity-defying stick-to-itiveness allows youngsters to build in all directions and spontaneously change course inspires an unusual level of creativity and exploration - these colorful foam blocks get young minds thinking and playing outside the box! Parents will be pleased that the non-toxic, silicone adhesive with which the blocks are coated leaves no residue and allows them to stick to surfaces such as glass and bathtubs but NOT to skin, walls or clothing. Gecko Blocks includes 28 foam pieces in 5 shapes and colors, sized perfectly for young builders' hands. Builds spatial awareness, motor skills and problem-solving.