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Georgie Interactive Puppy

Georgie Interactive Puppy
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

MGA Entertainment

In addition to being irresistibly soft, cute and cuddly, this delightful pup responds to more than a dozen verbal and physical cues by engaging in remarkably lifelike antics that match the command given. Among other things, Georgie barks, walks, sits, rears back on his hind legs, shakes hands, high-fives, plays tug-o-war and even breaks out some impressive dance moves. There's an impishness in everything this little Golden Retriever does, sheer unbridled personality to which children respond with love and affection. And while kids can't resist Georgie's adorableness and interactivity, parents find the mess-free factor to be equally appealing. Though Georgie regularly burps, passes gas and even makes peeing sounds when he needs to go (much to the glee of any child within earshot), there are no surprise 'presents' left behind for Mom and Dad to clean up. Includes rope toy, dog collar, red neck bandanna and puppy training guide.