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Happy Hats Beginning Reading Game

Happy Hats Beginning Reading Game
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Bob Books

This fun, exciting board game does a fabulous job of helping beginning readers develop letter and sound recognition skills and put together common three letter words. Players take turns spinning the spinner and moving the indicated number of alphabet spaces on the board. The player that moved attempts either to complete a three letter word using one of the 5 Word Ending cards in his or her hand or, in the case of vowels, match the letter on the board. With each success, the player collects a Happy Hat token from the center of the board. The cheerful, colorful components are a big part of the draw, but it's the exceedingly enjoyable game-play that keeps children repeatedly coming back for more fun and learning. Includes 4 playing piece characters with stands, 40 word ending cards that can complete over 160 words, a number spinner, 44 Happy Hat tokens and one delightfully illustrated, cleverly designed game board. The player with the most Happy Hat tokens at the end wins the game!