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Ideal "What Did I Step In?" Game

Ideal "What Did I Step In?" Game
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Alex Brands

What Did I Step In? is a fabulously fun memory game that keeps youngsters happily engaged for hours on end. The game's playfulness is gleefully amplified by the ingeniously silly component kids use to flip over cards in search of matches: a miniature red sneaker with a suction cup on the bottom. Press the sole of the shoe onto any of the Green Mystery Cards on the table and it sticks securely, allowing the player to pick up and flip the card to reveal the object illustrated on the other side. If the object matches any of the Purple Match Cards situated in front of that player, he or she scores a point. Delightful twists and turns, such as stepping on a lucky coin (extra point!) or on the dreaded dog poop (equivalent to losing a turn), amp up the fun factor even further. Once all the cards are gone, the player with the most points wins. Outstanding family entertainment for 2 - 4 players!