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Kardtects Grisroc Starter Set

Kardtects Grisroc Starter Set
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Kardtects Building Cards

Many a child has abstained from building a card house due to the seeming impossibility of doing so without countless hours of practice. Kardtects turns this notion on its head by enabling even young novices to create elaborate multilevel structures from day one. For starters, Kardtects collectible building cards are specifically designed for building card houses, with more grip and less slip than traditional playing cards. Their unique texture, thickness and appearance contribute to the excitement of both the building process and the awesome results. Kardtects Starter Set is available in 3 styles: Grisroc, Lost Desert, and Forbidden Jungle. Along with instructions that include easy-to-master building tips, each set includes five card stands to aid beginning builders, 110 building cards PLUS one ultra rare collectible card and two collectible Destroyer Disks that make knocking down the houses as much fun as it was to build them.