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Learning Clock

Learning Clock
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Best Learning Materials Corp.

This interactive talking clock is a highly engaging and entertaining way for children to learn to tell time and develop other important skills. In Time Mode, kids simply move the hour and/or minute hand, then press the circle button to hear the time spoken aloud. In Quiz Mode, the clock asks the child to set specific times on the clock and uses colored flashing lights and playful sound effects to indicate whether or not each answer was correct. Sleep Mode offers a selection of 10 different soothing classical music pieces to listen to and a nightlight with 4 color options, with a timer that allows for up to 60 minutes before automatic shut-off. The colorful clock face design uses a variety of visual elements to help kids absorb and understand time-related concepts such as before and after, the breakdown of the hour into common units such as halves, quarters and minutes. Learning Clock is sturdily made and incredibly easy to use, making it a wonderful toy with which early learners develop skills that include numbers, telling time, music, logical thinking, motor functions, concentration, dexterity and memory.