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Magnetic Animal Habitat Set

Magnetic Animal Habitat Set
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Kaplan Early Learning Company

The Magnetic Animal Habitat Set offers youngsters an abundance of rich and rewarding play experiences. Each of the set's 6 magnetic habitat boards comes with 6 animal magnets that are indigenous to that particular habitat, setting the stage for a broad array of learning experiences. An included set of 8.5-inch X 5.5-inch activity cards comes loaded with animal facts and fun, diverse activities that include sorting, storytelling, role play and more. Each one of the 6 habitat boards/animal groups (Polar Region, North America, Ocean, Farm, Jungle, and Pet Store) offers a series of invaluable play and learning experiences. Taken as a whole, the set constitutes an extraordinary play value that brings children to the table again and again while providing educational benefits that include cognitive, language and fine motor skill development, creativity, geographical knowledge, and much more!