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Mirari Shellby

Mirari Shellby
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

12 mos.+

Mirari Shellby is a marvelous toy for promoting early stage development, a colorful, rollable snail that young ones fall in love with even before they discover the captivating surprises that await their exploration. Kids give Shellby a push, and a colorful ball pops out of the mouth. Tap Shellby's tail, and eureka, another ball, this one a different color! Keep pushing, or tapping, and different colored balls keep popping out and rolling across the floor (four in all), eliciting glee and wonder as youngsters chase them down and scoop them up. The adventure shifts as little ones examine how to make this miracle happen again (and again and again) and discover that dropping the captured balls through the opening in Shellby's shell queues them up to pop and roll once more! Though strong and durable, the colorful balls are extremely lightweight and make a captivating sound as they bounce and roll, helping to make Shellby an enchanting and rewarding treat for young eyes, ears, hands and, most of all, for curious young minds!