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Mischief Maker Slingshot

Mischief Maker Slingshot
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Mighty Fun!

There's a joyous look children get when tearing open the Mischief Maker Slingshot packaging, an uncontained excitement that speaks to the remarkably fresh appeal of this updated version of the classic slingshot. Made from real wood and soft foam, the Mischief Maker's construction includes symmetric, brightly colored patterns along its surface and a foam 'hammer' attached by a strong elastic band. Loading the slingshot consists of positioning one of the set's four foam balls in the arms of the 'Y,' where three foam pegs hold it securely in place. Pulling back the foam hammer and releasing it sends the ball rocketing through the air. All kinds of fun and games ensue: contests as to who has best aim, longest distance, fastest reload and, of course, the immensely satisfying pleasure of honing one's skill through target practice. Includes 4 foam balls, slingshot and drawstring carry bag. Made in the USA.