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Monkeys Up

Monkeys Up
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017


Monkeys Up is another exciting, fast-moving family game from RoosterFin. Setup takes only seconds. There are eighteen monkeys in all, heroic little fellows who stand upright but have a hidden secret. Fifteen of them are labeled on bottom with the numbers 1 through 15, while the remaining three are marked with an X (worth zero). At the outset, all monkeys are placed number-side down on the table and players randomly pick 3 apiece to place in front of themselves. The goal is to be the player in possession of the highest 3-monkey total when game play stops. But with rolls of the die causing constant switching, stealing, flipping and non-stop reversals of fortune, the outcome is anything but certain. For such a beautifully simple game, a surprising amount of strategy can be brought into play - memory, trickery, choosing what to show, not show and when to show it. But luck has a way of undoing even the most skilled players, so until the final flip, it's anybody's game!