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Prove It!

Prove It!
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

PlayMonster LLC

Prove It! is a boisterous, laugh-out-loud game in which players know they are in for some serious fun the moment they open the box. Inside is a batch of items that ranks among the most eclectic and playful set of components to ever reside under one lid - 85 2-sided Task Cards, 15 Proof Cards, a Hoop, Cup, Ball, Finger Spinner, and Moe the Timer. On each turn, a Task Card is read aloud and two players engage in a round of verbal back and forth, betting as to how well they can perform the task. At any time, one of them can call the other out by saying 'Prove It!,' upon which that player must perform the task. Categories include Mad Skills (use your skill!), Know-How (use your noggin!), Fingers Crossed (it's all about luck!) and Buddy System (teamwork!). Props are called for, side bets made, and cards collected by those who fare well. Brains, bodies, and funny bones see lots of action, and frivolous fun is had by all!