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Robocar Poli - POLI Mobile Headquarters

Robocar Poli - POLI Mobile Headquarters
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Imports Dragon

The POLI Mobile Headquarters inspires endless, action-fueled pretend play with its hidden capabilities and blink-of-an-eye transformations. Taken directly from the animated series, Robocar Poli, this formidable six wheeled police van has a built-in carry handle and three containers in which to store cars (one police car included) that can be launched into action from either while the van is in motion. A heliport on the top rear of the van is the starting place for something magical to occur. Flipping up the heliport allows the long roof of the van to be opened forward and the containers removed, transforming the larger vehicle into a track on which the cars can drive. Once removed, each of the car containers opens on three sides and has a pull handle with which to raise any vehicle inside. The open containers can also be lined up to form yet another track or can be utilized in a huge variety of ways to act out spontaneous heroic rescues and countless play scenarios.