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Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

T. K. Chin Company
3-10 yrs.

Slidewhizzer does what kids have been fantasizing about for generations: turns stairs into a glee-inducing slide. More accurately, it is an indoor slide that affixes to pretty much any straight staircase, turning your house into a funhouse! Assembly/setup is quick and easy and uses an adjustable length bar that secures the top of the slide in place using pressure against the walls. Handrails on either side give kids added comfort and security while waiting to take off, and then it's smooth sailing all the way down! Slidewhizzer's high-impact polypropylene construction makes for long-lasting durability and usage. And when the fun is done for the time being, detaching Slidewhizzer from the stairs and storing it away is a simple matter of reversing the tension on the adjustable bar. Maximum weight per user not to exceed 35 kg (77 lb).