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Social Skills Puppet Set

Social Skills Puppet Set
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

American Educational Products
4 - 8 yrs.

The Social Skills Puppet Set provides a structured, enjoyable and effective approach to helping children understand, absorb and display appropriate social behavior. The set comes with large Max and Millie Hand Puppets, a marvelously helpful 71 page activity book and twelve full color emotion cards. The book contains sixteen social skills lessons, each of which starts with a story consisting of dialogue between Max and Millie and/or the children in the class. Each story is followed by an exercise that reflects the behavioral category being explored (sharing experiences, being nice, playing and working together . . .). There are eight behavioral categories, each of which is represented in two separate lessons that target the behavior, one for ages 4 - 6, the other for ages 6 - 8. The relatability of the Max and Millie characters and the extraordinary degree of engagement students experience during the lessons makes the Social Skills Puppet Set an essential tool for helping children achieve social competence.