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Tactile Discs

Tactile Discs
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

American Educational Products

The sight of Tactile Discs arouses in children an immediate sense of playfulness, a desire to touch, feel, and explore the 10 discs that make up the set. Five very different tactile structures occur on two same-colored discs apiece (one small disc for handheld exploration, one large for positioning on the floor to investigate with hands or feet). Playing with the discs stimulates both the child's sense of touch and the ability to describe what they are feeling. The sharply varied textures, set in invitingly playful colors, elicit all manner of responses - smiles, laughter, fierce concentration, creativity, verbal description. Kids' joyous, visceral reactions are as abundant as they are subjective. Games can be adjusted to suit the child's development level, stimulating motor, cognitive, and social development at all ages. The set includes a cloth bag and velcro blindfold with which to enhance the fun and games.