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World Village Playset China

World Village Playset China
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Whole Wide World Toys, Inc.

This fun, distinctive children's product provides as rich and varied a play and learning experience as parents are likely to find. The gloriously illustrated fabric playmat (32 x 44 inches) depicts a Chinese village that makes for a fertile play environment. The set's 13 variously-shaped wooden figures (people, animals, objects) each fits into its own unique space in a 9 x 12 inch puzzle board, building shape awareness and problem-solving skills. Each figure has the word for the object or person it represents printed on the back in both Mandarin and English. These figures remain upright when placed in a standing position and, when used to inhabit the playmat's village, spark endless imaginative play. 14 story cards each display a picture kids can find on the playmat on one side, and an open-ended prompt on the other. The set's illustrated, 32-page book, 'My China Travel Journal' contains activities and a story about life in China.