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Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

American Educational Products

idadi is a highly enjoyable fast-paced card game for 2 to 5 players in which everyone is in on the action from start to finish. There is plenty of action to be had since speed, both at spotting your options and quickly playing your cards, is the key to winning. Each player is dealt 10 cards, each of which bears a number ranging from 1 to 7 in any of 4 colors. A target number between 4 and 10 is then revealed and players race to play as many cards from their hands as possible. To play a card, it must be a different color than any card played thus far in the round (including the target), and the sum of all cards played cannot exceed the target's value. These quick decisions are easy to make, but with everyone vying for the same goal (to be first to get rid of all their cards), speed is of the essence. The often breakneck pace that ensues can become downright giddy, making for an incredibly invigorating good time.