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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

Toys & Games

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i-Poster My USA Interactive Map Back to top

i-Poster My USA Interactive Map provides children with an extraordinarily fun way to learn about the 50 states. This interactive, touch-activated talking map puts more than 500 facts about the United States of America at kids' fingertips, including things like climate, geography, earth science, trivia, fun facts and more! Several different function buttons let children choose between play modes and the type of information...Read more

i-Poster My WORLD Interactive Map Back to top

Kids find this interactive talking map to be an especially fun and engaging way to learn about the world. The colorful, detailed poster, with its built-in, high quality speaker, can be hung on a wall or used as a playmat on the floor. Either way, youngsters have access to over 1,000 facts and questions regarding 92 countries. Learning is as simple as touching the name of the country, with several different function button...Read more

INNO Pad My Fun Lessons Back to top

INNO Pad My Fun Lessons is an interactive touch pad that makes it easy and enjoyable for children to learn about a broad range of essential topics. By inserting any of the 16 interactive pages atop the touch pad, kids can explore shapes, colors, numbers, math, measurements, time, transportation, the solar system and more. Each page is loaded with colorful illustrations and offers two learning modes from which to choose. L...Read more

Jimu Robot Back to top
Jimu Robot
Price $ 49.99 to 399.99
By UBTECH Robotics
8-14 yrs.
Brain Child

Jimu Robot is a robotic building block system that gives children an abundance of hands-on experience in building and coding their own interactive robots. There are several kits available, each of which offers multiple robot creations capable of a wide range of jaw-dropping and often hilarious behaviors. The free Jimu Robot app not only makes the process of building these mechanical companions highly enjoyable, it also fu...Read more

Learning Clock Back to top
Brain Child

This interactive talking clock is a highly engaging and entertaining way for children to learn to tell time and develop other important skills. In Time Mode, kids simply move the hour and/or minute hand, then press the circle button to hear the time spoken aloud. In Quiz Mode, the clock asks the child to set specific times on the clock and uses colored flashing lights and playful sound effects to indicate whether or not ...Read more

Magnetic Animal Habitat Set Back to top

The Magnetic Animal Habitat Set offers youngsters an abundance of rich and rewarding play experiences. Each of the set's 6 magnetic habitat boards comes with 6 animal magnets that are indigenous to that particular habitat, setting the stage for a broad array of learning experiences. An included set of 8.5-inch X 5.5-inch activity cards comes loaded with animal facts and fun, diverse activities that include sorting, storyt...Read more

Magnetykes Back to top
Price $ 19.95
By Magnetykes, LLC
Top Fun

Magnetykes are an outstandingly fun and entertaining way for children to learn about the wonders of magnetism. Each Magnetykes set includes a magnetic plastic figure and vehicle along with a magnetic wrench. The 14-page full color comic that accompanies each set tells the story of how the Magnetykes (robot-like, sentient creatures brought to life by an ancient magnet) came to be, a playful, fascinating origin story that h...Read more

Medium Backpack - About Friends Melange Grey Back to top
3-7 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

This well-crafted backpack has plentiful features, functionality and a visual appeal that exerts its charm on children and parents alike. Of particular interest to many a mom and dad is the product's sustainability due to the use of Repreve recycled fabric in its production. Kids love the compact size, adjustable comfort fit, and the ease with which they can stow and carry a wide array of items in the backpack's well-appo...Read more

Mi Finger Block Back to top
14+ yrs.
Best Creative Fun

Mi Finger Block is a fascinating, pocket-sized plaything that invites constant manipulation, freeing the mind to wander or focus as it pleases. The block is comprised of eight small cubes connected in such a way as to allow segments to rotate inward or outward in a smooth, rolling motion. Guided by the fingers, the block seems to take on a life of its own, perpetually changing shape from a rectangle to an L to a block and...Read more

Mi Robot Builder Rover Back to top

Mi Robot Builder Rover offers up a phenomenal mix of stimulating, enlightening fun and creative play. It all starts with the build, an engrossing process during which children (either solo or in a group) assemble the 1,000+ pieces into a formidable looking robot that, when finished, whirls around and zips across the floor on tank-like treads. A free app download provides the interface through which kids control the robot'...Read more

Movez Back to top
Price $ 19.99
By Kenson Kids
Best Family Fun

This fabulous, fast-paced game offers up lots of variety, physical activity, creativity, and fun! Movez takes only seconds to learn and provides tremendous play value and an abundance of social interaction. Players (or teams) take turns rolling the jumbo die and drawing a card from whichever of the 3 card piles is indicated. The 30 second timer is then flipped and the action and hilarity kick into high gear. Find It! card...Read more

Nature View Microscope Back to top

This colorful, playfully designed toy microscope shares several properties with those found in real laboratories, making it an excellent way to introduce kids to the joys of scientific exploration and discovery. Nature View Microscope comes with three different lenses - magnified, tinted, and one that generates a kaleidoscopic effect - that can be interchanged in the blink of an eye. The set also includes 10 different nat...Read more

NHL Board Game Starter Pack Back to top
Top Fun

This new 2017-2018 Edition of the NHL BOARD GAME presents an exciting game of luck and strategy in which players face-off, shoot, pass, block and intercept their way to a win. All that scintillating action is accomplished through rolls of the special dice and intelligent use of the individual action figures' skills cards to improve your team's performance, score goals and, ultimately, win the game! An illustrated ice mat ...Read more

Orboot Back to top
Price $ 49.99
By PlayShifu
4-10 yrs.
Brain Child

The first thing kids notice about the colorfully illustrated Orboot world globe is that it does not display boundaries or names, omissions that stimulate intense curiosity. That's where the Orboot augmented reality app comes in. With the app, youngsters can scan different areas of the globe and see highlights for that region magically appear. Tapping any of the highlights allows the viewer to delve deeply into fun facts a...Read more

Our World Activity Pack To Go Back to top
4-10 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

Mudpuppy's Our World Activity Pack To Go puts an abundance of portable, highly enjoyable, hands-on activities at children's fingertips. Youngsters are captivated from the moment they spot the colorfully illustrated suitcase-style box in which the set comes packaged. Popping it open reveals a treasure trove of fun things to do. The numerous and varied activities incorporate charming imagery that captures the richness and d...Read more

PadKaka (English Animation Vocabulary Cards) Back to top

Kids find this remarkable English language learning system to be highly entertaining and nearly effortless to use, two factors that keep them eagerly returning for more fun and learning. The approach uses specially designed flash cards that trigger animations in the free PadKaka app for smart phones and tablets. Each colorful, high quality animation presents an amusing mini-story into which a specific English word is repe...Read more

PunkinPals Back to top
Price $ 25.00
By PunkinFutz
4-12 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

PunkinPals is a set of 6 brightly colored Emoji Patches that serve to assist non-verbal children in correctly identifying and labeling emotions. The patches stick instantly to any loop surface and make for invaluable accessories to PunkinFutz's versatile deep compression vest. The PunkinPals characters' distinctive visual flair quickly engages youngsters, a connection that is further enhanced by backstory that accompanies...Read more

PunkinPitch Back to top
Price $ 80.00
By PunkinFutz
4-12 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

PunkinPitch is a uniquely soothing deep compression vest whose carefully crafted design is comfortable for kids to wear all day long and is adaptable to a broad range of physical and creative play. Included is a set of 6 soft Velcro-material balls called paintballs (3 blue, 3 orange) that stick to the vest with even the most glancing contact. In fact, all things Velcro will instantly adhere to the ultra soft loop material...Read more

Recreate - Reusable Coloring Mat Back to top

This reusable coloring mat provides countless hours of creative fun. The 16-inch X 24-inch mat comes with 12 different colored washable markers that let kids dive right in and begin coloring any and all of the 8 different animals that adorn its surface, including an elephant, a leopard, tiger, giraffe, and more! There is plenty of detail work to color in, giving kids ample opportunity and incentive to improve hand eye coo...Read more

Robocar Poli - POLI Mobile Headquarters Back to top

The POLI Mobile Headquarters inspires endless, action-fueled pretend play with its hidden capabilities and blink-of-an-eye transformations. Taken directly from the animated series, Robocar Poli, this formidable six wheeled police van has a built-in carry handle and three containers in which to store cars (one police car included) that can be launched into action from either while the van is in motion. A heliport on the to...Read more

Saudia Airlines Kids Travel Packs - Creature Crew Back to top

Creature Crew is a brand that has been designed exclusively for Saudi Airlines. The brand's playful characters - Captain, Crewsie, Casey and Fixer - hold a strong appeal for children, as do the fun-filled activities that come bundled in lightweight, portable packs the real-life crew hands out. There are currently two different Creature Crew travel packs, both of which offer entertaining and engaging ways for youngsters to...Read more

Shake & Learn Alphabet Back to top

This extraordinarily fun, interactive toy lets young ones discover and learn while exploring letters, words, animals and music. The colorfully designed Shake & Learn device captivates kids' attention and stimulates the development of a variety of skills through sights, sounds and physical activity. Turn on the device and it immediately invites you to insert any of the 13 double-sided plastic cards that come with the set,...Read more

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