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Winter 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Toys & Games

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Liquid Chalk Markers Back to top
Liquid Chalk Markers
Price $ 18.97
Best Creative Fun

The versatility and ease of use of these liquid chalk markers make them a favorite of both children and parents. Kids deeply enjoy U.S. Bilby Liquid Chalk Markers for their vividness of color and the way the reversible chisel/bullet tips open the door to nuanced creativity on a surprising variety of canvases in and around the house. Grownups appreciate their widespread practical applications, lack of mess (no chalk dust!)...Read more

Loud About: A Game of Action Memory Back to top

Loud About is an uproariously fun family and party game in which players use creativity, speed, memory, and a dramatic flair to best their opponents. At the outset, a category is provided for which each player must make up a unique Word-Action for the others to memorize. Let's say the topic is Super Heroes. The first player might say 'Superman' and mime flying, the second might say 'Incredible Hulk' and brandish a fist, a...Read more

Miffy Hide and Seek Back to top
1-4 yrs.
Brain Child

This wonderful educational game includes several excellent variations of the perennial children's favorite, hide and seek. The goal is to find Miffy, an adorable, talking 3D version of Dick Bruna's beloved rabbit. When Miffy's switch is set to 'on,' she calls out hints from her hiding place in a pleasing, singsong voice: "I'm hi-ding, yoo-hoo, I'm here! Can you find me?" Parent/child interactions and the skills targeted f...Read more

Mochi Trumpet Back to top
Mochi Trumpet
Price $ 24.99
By People Toy Company
3 months+
Brain Child

Every parent quickly learns that any toy that can fit in a baby's mouth will end up in the baby's mouth, probably sooner rather than later. The Mochi Trumpet's design and functionality puts mouth-centric entertainment at the forefront in the form of a small bugle that emits a surprising range of sounds and is made predominantly from rice (more on that in a moment). Infants' natural sucking and teething motions quickly lea...Read more

Mold Free Marcus & Marcus Bath Toys Back to top

These joyously fun silicone bath toys are soft to the touch, perfect for little hands to grasp, squish and submerge. Five animal-themed characters (sold individually) stimulate young ones' imaginations while inspiring mental and physical exploration through water play. Each toy has a head and body that, together, form a sealed unit that floats and bobs to the surface but that can be easily separated into two cup-like part...Read more

Mold Free Marcus & Marcus Rocket Bath Toy Back to top

This fun-filled silicone bath toy puts smiles on young ones' faces, in or out of the bathtub. Like Marcus & Marcus's excellent animal themed bath toys, Rocket Bath Toy immediately engages young hands and minds while encouraging them to explore, investigate and play! A favorite feature is the squeeze and squirt action kids can use to suction up bathwater and unleash it in a directed stream with a simple squeeze. Youngsters...Read more

Mr. Game! - The Chaotic Party Game Back to top

Those who prefer predictable games would be well-advised to stay away from Mr. Game!, a highly entertaining board game whose twists and turns are a recipe for head-spinning fun! The basic premise is simple: players take turns rolling the dice, moving their pieces, trying to get to the goal space first. But what if the goal had other plans, like moving throughout the game, or all the spaces on the board were subject to cha...Read more

My First Big Floor Puzzle - Farm Friends Back to top

Youngsters take great delight in putting this puzzle together, and it's easy to see why. The jam-packed farmyard scene is exceptionally joyful, teeming with life that captures and ignites a child's imagination. Each of the large, colorful pieces is a visual treat in and of itself, with chunks of vivid, happy imagery (and animals, lots of animals!) that function like building blocks to a story as much as to a puzzle. It is...Read more

My First Grab It! Space Match Back to top

Kids find this colorful outer space themed game to be an absolute blast. The rousing gameplay keeps everyone in the fun from start to finish (no turn-taking!), and the instructions are simple enough that even very young newcomers are ready to play in a matter of seconds. After each player receives his or her own playing board, the super-fun game piece dispenser is used to sling one disc at a time onto the table. Each disc...Read more

My Little Pediatrician Kit Back to top

This 'mini-medical school journey' for kids offers a wondrous array of fun and exciting props and activities through which children explore the world of medicine, science, health and caretaking. Included among the kit's items are a real white coat, an adorable plush baby doll with a birth certificate, a mini-Finnish Baby Box for baby's safe sleeping, a pediatric assessment form, tape measure, name tag, and a self-guided w...Read more

My Magical Sound & Lights Unicorn Back to top
Top Fun

Every detail of this gorgeous plush unicorn's appearance - its dazzling rainbow mane and tail, the sparkly accents on wings, horn and harness, and myriad other fine touches - captivates children at first sight. And that's before they discover the magic that lies in store for them. Petting the unicorn's back unleashes delightful visual and aural effects. A fluttering pattern of light moves through the wings accompanied by ...Read more

My Super Fun Play Book Back to top

Children and parents were awestruck by this beautifully-made, colorful fabric book and the many fine educational play activities it contains. Each of its 12 pages contains distinctly different, yet equally delightful activities to be explored - Tic Tac Toe, finger puppets, shape-matching, shoelaces to tie, cloth lollipops, an alarm clock, a pluck-able fruit tree, and a big-eyed, furry-eared dog, among others. Each page is...Read more

Myland Seal Back to top
Myland Seal
Price $ 20.00
By Kid O
2-8 yrs.
Brain Child

This simple yet remarkable bathtime toy triggers curiosity and fascination in youngsters, key factors that contribute to Myland Seal's efficacy as a fun-inducing plaything and instrument of learning. Myland Seal functions on two distinct levels. Physically, it's a charming two-piece toy consisting of a floating seal and a happy-go-lucky character that, together, inspire extended sessions of pretend play. But children soon...Read more

Peg + Cat Memory Game Back to top
Best Family Fun

This new adaptation of the classic 'flip two cards' memory game is made all the more enjoyable by the cast of Peg + Cat characters playfully illustrated throughout the set's 50 cards. These humorous and endearing illustrations (Peg, Cat, Ramone, Richard and more, in various kooky getups) make each flip of a card a rewarding experience regardless of whether or not a match is made. As a result, Peg + Cat Memory Game has a r...Read more

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles Back to top

This enormously fun 100 piece magnetic tile set includes squares and triangles that, when placed face to face or edge to edge, instantly hold to one another. The magic and ease of the magnetic force inspires kids to jump in and start building, and build they do: structures that range from colorful, 2D geometric arrangements to pyramids, towers, full-blown towns, cities, and a vast range of other 3D shapes. Ideas flow swif...Read more

PicassoTiles KC102 Jump, Slide and Dunk Bouncing House Back to top

This colorful, audaciously playful 12 ft. X 10 ft. bouncing house can be purchased for roughly the same amount it would cost to rent one for a day. The entire house inflates with miraculous ease in about a minute due to the power of the heavy duty blower that's included. From a play standpoint, everything is remarkably well thought-out. A large back door and multiple points of entry provide easy access and viewing. The fu...Read more

PicassoTiles PTB120 Bristle Shape Blocks 120-Piece Basic Building Set Back to top

The ease with which these bristle design building blocks connect to one another inspires children to construct a huge variety of shapes and structures, both real-world objects in miniature and original creations that spring forth from imaginative young minds. Just press any part of two or more bristle-covered blocks together and, presto, they hold! Disconnecting is just as easy. This speed of constructing and readjusting ...Read more

Poplings Back to top
Price $ 2.99
By Cassidy Labs
Top Fun

These brightly-colored, endearingly quirky critters have suction cup feet (and other appendages) with which they can stick to any smooth surface. Making a chain of Poplings that dangles, suction cup to suction cup, from a door, table, or window is a simple matter. Pluck a Popling from its sticking place and you'll hear the satisfying pop! from which they get their name. And while each of the different Poplings has a disti...Read more

Puzzle Doubles - Find It! Dinosaurs Back to top

Puzzle Doubles - Find It! Dinosaurs features two excellent play features in one outstanding product: a giant, full color floor puzzle combined with a word and object recognition game. It all starts with putting together the gloriously illustrated 50-piece puzzle one piece at a time, a highly gratifying and engaging activity in and of itself. The prehistoric scene is chock-full of kids' favorite dinosaurs, which appear bot...Read more

Puzzle Doubles - Find It! Friends Back to top

This delightfully interactive multi-play and learning experience combines the timeless pleasure of putting together a jigsaw puzzle with exciting visual and verbal game activities. The 52-piece puzzle displays a joyous scene showing dozens of children happily engaged in many different forms of outdoor play. The colorful, densely populated imagery helps youngsters develop a discriminating eye as they sort through and conne...Read more

Puzzle Squares Animals of the World Back to top
Brain Child

Each of the six vividly illustrated 9-piece puzzles in this set reveals a different animal from around the world. There are 27 double-sided pieces included, so the first step is to sort them by color before placing 9 of them in the puzzle tray and arranging them to form a unified image. The tray eliminates the need for a separate surface, an excellent feature that makes play possible in any environment at home and on the ...Read more

Q-bitz Jr. Back to top
Q-bitz Jr.
Price $ 19.95
By MindWare
3-8 yrs.
Brain Child

Q-bitz Jr. is an exceedingly enjoyable game that plays well across a range of ages and keeps players deeply focused and engaged. It's fast-moving fun in which everyone is in on the action from start to finish. In addition to its considerable entertainment value, Q-bitz Jr. is a marvelous educational tool. Players utilize and develop a host of skills that include enhanced spatial reasoning, pattern matching, problem solvin...Read more

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