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Summer 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Toys & Games

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Palm Grasp Fork & Spoon Set Back to top
12 mo.+
Parents Favorite Products

Parents and children alike showed avid appreciation for the playful, appealing design and ease of use the Marcus & Marcus Palm Grasp Fork & Spoon Set brings to the table. The unique design of these utensils' handles, in particular, was a revelation that enabled toddlers to hold and manipulate them with ease right from the start. The soft-grip, animal-shaped handles (made with BPA-free and phthalate-free food-grade silicon...Read more

Peg + Cat 12" Peg Plush Back to top
2-5 yrs.
Top Fun

This endearingly soft, plush toy makes for a supremely cuddly companion, one whose vibrant, details quickly unleash the full richness of a child's imagination. Plush Peg's appearance exudes so much personality that youngsters immediately begin interacting with her, role-playing, posing questions, caring for her, tucking her in at naptime. One can't help but marvel at a depth of engagement so enjoyable and stimulating that...Read more

Peg + Cat Wooden Puzzle Back to top
2-5 yrs.
Brain Child

Children take immense pleasure in exploring Peg + Cat wooden puzzles, each of which includes images of Peg and her beloved talking cat. Beyond the entertaining imagery, though, each Peg + Cat wooden puzzle presents an array of educational activities that nurture motor skill development, visual discrimination, shape-matching, critical thinking and, depending on which puzzle is being explored, letters of the alphabet, vocab...Read more

PrettyPro game Back to top
PrettyPro game
Price $ 25.00
By Decker Sisters LLC
Best Family Fun

It is increasingly uncommon these days to come upon a board game as abundant as PrettyPro, the impressive sight of which signals good times ahead for those who grab a seat at the table. As play gets under way, the pleasurable sights and sounds only multiply: the click-clack of rolled dice, the tat-tat-tat of game pieces along the board, the silky sounds of cards being flipped and pencils coloring on sketchpads. Each pad d...Read more

Qwitch Back to top
Price $ 11.99
By PlayMonster
Top Fun

When it comes to highly engaging, fast-moving entertainment, Qwitch can't be beat. It's a delightful card game in which players employ nimble-fingers and quick minds in a race to get rid of all their cards. Face up on the table at all times are two cards, a Qwitch Card displaying a letter and a number, and a direction card that displays one of three symbols: + (up), - (down), or = (same). If the Qwitch card shows, for exa...Read more

SackPals Back to top
Price $ 39.95
By SackPals
Parents Favorite Products

SackPals is an exceptionally cozy play environment into which kids slip themselves as they would a sleeping bag. The aptly named Snuggle Sack comes with four soft, sweet citizens attached to its surface, a plush puppy, elephant, kitty and turtle who look for all the world as if they have just found a home. Each animal has a small velcro-like strip on its belly that lets it be detached and reattached to the Sack in the bli...Read more

Shivers the Penguin Back to top
Shivers the Penguin
Price $ 24.00
By Teknikio
Brain Child

"Shivers" the Penguin offers a distinctive blend of crafting activity and science project through which children can explore and learn. Kids have the pleasure of sewing together felt pieces and electronic parts to create a plushie penguin play companion. Conductive thread sewn into the penguin's body creates a circuit that can be completed by folding one of Shivers' wings until two conductive pads are touching, causing a ...Read more

Shrinky Dinks Mini Artist Activity Set Back to top

Shrinky Dinks Mini Artist Activity Set generates a good deal of excitement and fun throughout three thoroughly enjoyable phases of play. First, there is the pleasure of coloring in the playful designs on display in each of the set's three 8 x 5 inch precut Shrinky Dinks. Each jam-packed scene contains adorable critters in strikingly different environments (underwater, woodland and high in the sky). Next come the oohs and ...Read more

Sleepy Glow Bear Back to top
Sleepy Glow Bear
Price $ 14.99
By VTech
Parents Favorite Products

Sleepy Glow Bear is a cuddly plush companion that sings lullabies, plays nature sounds and expresses verbal affection, all the while exerting a calming, nurturing influence on young ones. Even very young children respond favorably to the softly uttered, loving phrases that Sleepy Glow Bear speaks in response to pressing the heart button on his chest. Residing just below the heart button is a purple music button that allow...Read more

Smart Box - Abu's Journey Back to top

Smart Box - Abu's Journey is a phenomenally fun way for children to learn and explore spatial concepts, hone awareness of shapes and colors, and develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The set's 48-page full color book entertains with stories of Abu, his penguin buddy Ding Ding and an ensemble of charming animal friends. Amidst the storyline, the book also contains dozens of activities, many of which ask chil...Read more

Smart Box - Abu's Sailing Logbook Back to top

Abu's Sailing Logbook is an exciting, hands-on way for children to gain a multitude of skills, including increased concentration, problem-solving, improved eye-hand coordination, enhanced awareness of shapes and colors, and finely attuned visual discrimination skills, among others. The set comes with 9 wooden blocks in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, along with a full color book that begins with the story of Abu re...Read more

Smart Cleaner Back to top

This quick, easy build generates dramatically fun results! Once assembled, Smart Cleaner takes off across the floor at the flip of a switch, following unpredictable paths and dusting as it goes. Googly eyes on the front of the unit give it a comically lifelike appearance, while a fringe encircling its body functions as a fabric duster that picks up dust and hairs along the way. Each time Smart Cleaner hits an obstacle, it...Read more

Splash Back to top
Price $ 19.99
By Sierra Pacific Ventures LLC
Best Family Fun

Splash is a fast-moving, intensely entertaining game in which a keen eye and quick reflexes will get you far. Players aim to get four of a kind while rapidly passing and receiving cards to and from their neighbors, with the ultimate goal being to be the first player to spell SPLASH. Once any player achieves four of a kind, he or she grabs one of the dolphins from the table, signaling the others to do the same. Since there...Read more

Spooner Freestyle Balance Board Back to top
3 - 14 yrs.
Top Fun

Spooner Freestyle Balance Board serves up a limitless array of fun physical activities ranging from rocking and balancing acts to dazzling tricks that give the rider the feel of surfing, skateboarding, or snowboarding - anytime, anywhere. The 22.5 inch X 11.25 inch board works on all surfaces, indoors and outdoors, and has a weight limit of 500 lbs. The board's centered spoon shape enables just about anyone to quickly gai...Read more

Squaremino Board Game Deluxe Edition Back to top

Squaremino is an extraordinarily entertaining game, a delicious tightrope of skill and luck that enables players of varying ages and skill levels to compete with one another while enjoying highly social group fun. Players start off with 12 tiles apiece and take turns playing 2, 3 or 4 tiles at a time by adding them to a communal network of intersecting tiles. The tiles added on a turn must either all be the same color, nu...Read more

Taksa Toys Resources Back to top
Brain Child

The distinctive look, feel and functionality of this wonderful 72-piece construction set inspires children to think and create in new and different ways. Each of Resources' 7 different primary building shapes has a color and characteristic that mimics the real-world resource for which it is named: stone, brick, wood, sand, water, tree and steel. Also included are ball-and people-shaped pieces that further enrich the play ...Read more

Tangram Race Back to top
Tangram Race
Price $ 13.99
By Mudpuppy
Brain Child

Experienced players and newcomers alike found this fresh take on the classic Tangram puzzle to be an absolute delight. Designed to be played either as a head to head race or solo style, Tangram Race comes with two complete 7-piece Tangram sets and a deck of 30 challenge cards. Each double-sided challenge card gives players the choice of 2 levels of difficulty (beginner on one side, advanced on the other). In each round, p...Read more

Techno Gears Quirky Copter Back to top

Techno Gears Quirky Copter is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying construction sets we've seen in quite some time. Kids love it, and for good reason. The easy to follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions allow young builders to progress quickly (no small feat, given the set's 80+ construction pieces), the copter taking shape at an impressive rate. The end result is even more dazzling: a sizeable, colorful helicop...Read more

Telly the Teaching Time Clock - Primary Back to top

Telly the Teaching Time Clock is an extraordinarily fun and effective way for children to learn to tell both digital and analog time. There are two distinct modes of play from which to choose. In "Tell Time" mode, kids can turn Telly's analog clock hands in 5 minute increments, stop wherever they please, and hear Telly announce the time aloud while the digital display automatically updates to match the analog. In "Quiz Ga...Read more

The Urban Playset Back to top
The Urban Playset
Price $ 59.95
By Readysetz LLC
5-12 yrs.
Best Creative Fun

The Urban Playset makes for an impressive sight and even more impressive fun. It is a vividly detailed and colorful 3-D play environment that inspires children to invent epic storylines and act out endlessly engaging scenarios. The striking illustrations that adorn the set's horizontal and vertical surfaces (front and back as well as inside and out) turn it into something of a wonderland, a place where kids can fully unle...Read more

TooT! Back to top
Price $ 9.95
By Missing Piece Press
Best Family Fun

TooT! is fast-moving party and family fun in which players use logic, strategy and outside-the-box thinking to best their opponents. In all four of the highly enjoyable games offered up by this 4-in-1 playfest, a TooT is the fundamental building block that determines any given card's playability. A single card that displays a secondary color forms a TooT all by itself. Any pair of cards bearing only primary colors forms a...Read more

Twisting Beads made from Sustainable Wood Back to top

These colorful Twisting Beads exert an almost magnetic pull on a young one's attention. The eight wooden beads, made from natural, sustainable wood with water-based paints, are connected by a very strong elastic string that holds them in a close but easily manipulable cluster. The pleasure with which children physically explore the beads quickly evolves into fascination as they twist, pull and shape the colorful spheres i...Read more

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