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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

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Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot Back to top

Based on the unforgettable characters from the Star Wars movie franchise, this interactive humanoid robot delivers loads of unbridled fun, action and adventure. An impressive sight right out of the box, the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot begins talking the moment he is turned on, making setup and connection remarkably easy. The companion app/command center offers three core modes that act as springboards to a va...Read more

Traveling Animals Back to top
Best Family Fun

Traveling Animals is a fabulously fun and rewarding game in which players traverse oceans and continents on a luxuriously large board while learning a great deal about animals and the world in which we live. Players take turns moving animal guide tokens on rolls of the die, utilizing a balance of guesswork, knowledge and strategy not merely to win the game, but to save our animals and save the planet. Many of the spaces o...Read more

TWIPEA Back to top
Price $ 230.00
3-10 yrs.
Brain Child

TWIPEA is a new and thoroughly original construction set that inspires kids to create an endless variety of 3D structures. The set's see-through blocks include several different shapes and colors that connect easily to one another using the TWIPEA joints, simply by pressing or sliding the pieces together. The range of possibilities is as stunning as the ease with which these components connect. Kids' quickly construct an ...Read more

Price $ 78.90
Top Fun

This delightful set offers a thoroughly enjoyable pastime both as an intricate wooden model to build and, once assembled, as a working miniature locomotive. The level of real-life detail is absolutely stunning and includes a fully equipped engineer's cab with retractable step ladder, art-deco boiler trim, and a Tender with functioning doors. Perhaps most impressive of all is the way the rubber-band powered motor visibly r...Read more

Unicorn Magic Activity Roll Back to top
4-10 yrs.
Best Creative Fun

Children's faces light up the moment they glimpse the bonanza of fun offered up by Mudpuppy's Unicorn Magic Activity Roll. The six-foot roll contains an array of creative adventures that can be unfurled and explored one activity at a time. Kids dive right in, completing mazes, connecting dots, spotting differences, and using the set's five colored pencils to engage in the plentiful drawing and coloring at hand. There are ...Read more

Wooden Exploration Set (50 Piece Set) Back to top

The unusually well-crafted wooden components that make up this set inspire kids to engage in a huge range of stimulating and rewarding play experiences. Youngsters' launch themselves into an endless stream of explorations in which they build, sort, stack, rearrange and investigate every possibility that springs to mind in response to the set's widely varied physical characteristics. The 50 well-sized wooden parts include ...Read more

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