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Brain Breaks Action Songs: Let's Move!

Brain Breaks Action Songs: Let's Move!
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2015

The Learning Station

Two things are immediately evident when observing kids in the thrall of this excellent CD - how quickly the music gets them moving and how deeply the lyrics engage them. Children sing along, dance, and get all-out physical to the moves and grooves of these tunes. And that's the idea, to provide kids with a fitness and learning blast that helps them stay active, happy, and mentally sharp. The benefits of regular brain breaks can be substantial - release of stress, increased focus, improved circulation and coordination, and all-around physical fitness. The 16 songs on this CD include updated versions of popular classics alongside plenty of original material. Most are under 3 minutes long yet have a substantive impact - little adventures that rejuvenate growing brains. We attribute this to The Learning Station's knack for creating songs that blend simplicity, quirkiness, silliness, and rhythm in a way that grab kids' attention, captures their imagination, and tickles their funny bone. Includes booklet with lyrics and instructions.