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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

Software & Electronics

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Anki OVERDERIVE: Fast & Furious Edition Back to top
Top Fun

This breakneck paced Fast & Furious-themed race car action is as exhilarating as it gets! After a quick charge of the vehicles (Dom's Charger and Hobbs' MXT come with the set), download the free app and choose which car you'll control while pitting yourself against the other Artificially Intelligent Supercar. Building and rearranging the track in up to 8 unique configurations is almost effortless because the individual pi...Read more

Cozmo Collector's Edition Back to top
Cozmo Collector's Edition
Price $ 179.99
By Anki
Top Fun

Cozmo is an uproariously fun robot, sort of a cross between your favorite action movie robot and a comedic gremlin. This little guy makes children smile, laugh and jump for joy. Cozmo can recognize faces, call people by name, say just about any word in his inimitable voice (but no bad ones) and engage in a wide variety of antics. Cozmo has needs of his own, and kids love fulfilling them! He enthusiastically enjoys the occ...Read more

INNO Pad My Fun Lessons Back to top

INNO Pad My Fun Lessons is an interactive touch pad that makes it easy and enjoyable for children to learn about a broad range of essential topics. By inserting any of the 16 interactive pages atop the touch pad, kids can explore shapes, colors, numbers, math, measurements, time, transportation, the solar system and more. Each page is loaded with colorful illustrations and offers two learning modes from which to choose. L...Read more