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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

Mobile Apps

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Kiddopia - Kids Learning Games Back to top
2-7 yrs.
Brain Child

Kiddopia is an outstanding educational that puts hundreds of wide-ranging interactive games and activities at children's fingertips. Kiddopia stands out not just for the vast array of topics and skills it explores and imparts, but also for the uniquely creative way in which it does so. Shapes, colors, the alphabet, logic, math, patterns, creativity and self-expression are delved into in ways that deeply engage kids at eve...Read more

Sleeptot App Back to top
Sleeptot App
Price $ 0 (Free)
By Sleeptot
0 - 12 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

As adorable as newborns and infants invariably are, fussing and wailing when rest and sleep are what is sorely needed can quickly become the norm. Sleeptot is a miraculously easy to use free app that offers up more than 30 soothing sounds and lilting lullabies that quickly prove indispensible for the calming influence they have on little ones. Be it rippling raindrops, a summer waterfall, a crackling campfire, birds tweet...Read more