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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

Parent & Child

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CJ Parenting Package Back to top
CJ Parenting Package
Price $ 34.95
By Karen Stone
2-6 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

CJ Parenting Package provides parents and educators with a fun, easy-to-use approach with which to enhance children's emotional intelligence (EQ) which is, by many accounts, a greater indicator of a child's future success than the more traditionally emphasized IQ. CJ Parenting Package does a fabulous job of defining the 7 attributes of EQ and includes a variety of enjoyable tools with which to impart these qualities to y...Read more

Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether Back to top

Young ones find Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether to be endlessly fascinating fun, and no wonder, with so much to see and so much to do! This compact, portable plaything comes packed with visual, tactile and auditory pleasures that keep young children delightedly investigating its every detail. The daisy's 5 petals offer a variety of colors, textures and activities that invite and inspire physical exploration - rings that slid...Read more

Day 'N Night Elephant Pal Back to top

The Day 'N Night Elephant Pal keeps young ones captivated with its array of eye-catching colors and patterns, inviting textures and audio visual effects. The mix of physical and electronic features provides stimulating activities to which children respond by exploring every little detail. The mirror reflects the baby's visage but also functions as a screen on which light-up animal images appear (cat, dog, bird or frog) ac...Read more

Dibly the Dino-Sore-No-More Back to top
3 mos.+
Parents Favorite Products

In addition to being an exceptionally charming and effective teething toy, Dibly the Dino-Sore-No-More comes with a colorfully illustrated book. Its pages tell the heartwarming and affirming tale of how Dibly comes to fully appreciate the value of his unusual appearance, which was notably different from that of all the other dinosaurs. After a loving upbringing, Dibly ventures off and soon discovers that each of his disti...Read more

Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack Grey Back to top

Moms and dads find this stunningly high quality product to be an indispensable means of organizing and transporting the necessities any parent of a young child must keep at hand. Not only does the Green Label Tyve Backpack come loaded with phenomenal features and functionality, it is also stylish and elegant in appearance. It can be carried in several different ways: by its handle like a bag, worn as a backpack, or situat...Read more

iBaby Care M7 Back to top
iBaby Care M7
Price $ 249.95
By iBaby Labs
0-36 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

Moms and Dads were thrilled with the capabilities of the iBaby Care M7 baby monitor and the peace of mind that comes from being able to monitor their child's comfort and safety from near and from afar. The free iBaby Care iOS or Android app turns a smartphone into an interface with which to watch, listen to, communicate with and soothe baby. A host of other innovative features continually track the safety and conditions o...Read more

Infant Baby Spring Float Back to top
3-9 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

The visually appealing design and carefully crafted features of the Infant Baby Spring Float make it a wonderful asset in introducing baby to the joys of fun in the water. Just as importantly, it enables parents of young ones to experience delightful family time at the pool! An adjustable 3-point harness holds baby securely in place atop the fabric covered float's soft seat for maximum comfort and safety. Dual inflation c...Read more

Lil' Critters Singin' Monkey Rattle Back to top
3 mos.+
Parents Favorite Products

This colorfully designed monkey rattle is a double treat. The physical toy alone provides a festival for the senses that entices little ones to actively explore with their eyes, ears and hands. Rolling the ball, twisting the bananas, sliding the rings (all of which are securely contained in the single unit) or shaking the entire rattle produces a variety of sounds and sensations that reward every action and encourage fur...Read more

Lil' Jammerz Plush Musical Friends Back to top

This trio of colorful plush characters puts music and soothing sounds always within reach of young ones' ears while placing playful physical interaction at their fingertips. Each of the set's three plush characters has its own distinct personality and play features. Mazzy, the band leader, is a purple microphone with a secret pouch that holds a rechargeable, removable Bluetooth speaker. Parents can wirelessly stream any a...Read more

Medium Backpack - About Friends Melange Grey Back to top
3-7 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

This well-crafted backpack has plentiful features, functionality and a visual appeal that exerts its charm on children and parents alike. Of particular interest to many a mom and dad is the product's sustainability due to the use of Repreve recycled fabric in its production. Kids love the compact size, adjustable comfort fit, and the ease with which they can stow and carry a wide array of items in the backpack's well-appo...Read more

MITTEEZ "The Ultimate Baby Teething Mitten" Back to top
0-6 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

Made from the finest materials, this cleverly designed developmental teething mitten provides an enticing and entertaining way for teething babies to self-soothe. The lightweight, natural bamboo terrycloth and organic cotton mitten is extremely gentle on baby's skin, with an exterior whose top segment consists of a safe, food-grade silicone, BPA- and phthalate-free teether. Included is the adorable Pea Bear, an adjustable...Read more

Name Placemats Back to top
Name Placemats
Price $ 24.00
By Make a Mat
1 - 8 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

Personalized placemats from Make a Mat are a wonderful low-cost gift that puts smiles on kids' faces over and over again. The website makes it incredibly simple for your child to design his or her own placemat. Not only that, they are able to see exactly what their placemat will look like, tinkering and experimenting until its appearance reflects their own tastes, preferences and personality. And all this can...Read more

Smoothie Soothers Fruit Teethers Back to top
0-36 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

This three-pack of 100% silicone teethers offers a medley of textures, colors and fun fruit shapes that immediately attracts the attention and curiosity of young ones. The distinctive designs (Strawberry, Lemon, Grapes) provide soothing stimulation to sore teething gums and have loops built into one end that make it easy for little fingers to grasp and hold. The fruits are also hollow, allowing Mom or Dad to place a finge...Read more

Sound and Sort Stackers Back to top

Sound and Sort Stackers exert a magnetic pull on the attention of any youngster who spots them, an intense curiosity that only increases once the child has laid hands on them. Each of the set's 18 clear, plastic stackers holds a number of same-colored beads sealed inside. Picking up any of the stackers results in sound and movement from their interior, inspiring kids to twist, turn, shake and investigate. The stackers can...Read more

Yoee Baby (Eugene the Fox) Back to top
0-18 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

It requires but a glance at this parent-child bonding toy to see that it is something special, an impression that only deepens upon further inspection. An irresistibly playful-looking fox in appearance (also available as bunny, puppy, monkey, lion or kitty), every aspect of Yoee Baby was designed to feed the senses and fuel interactive play between parent and child. Bright, contrasting colors invite and reward visual insp...Read more