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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

Books & Magazines

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Babies Nurse - Asi se alimentan los bebes Back to top
Babies Nurse - Asi se alimentan los bebes
Price $ 14.95 (hardback) or $9.95 (paperback)
By Platypus Media
4-7 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

This very special book delights and enthralls young readers with its depictions of various mammals engaged in the act of nursing - bats, polar bears, pandas, seals, monkeys, tigers, deer, horses, zebras, dolphins, cats, dogs and, last but not least, humans. The words that grace each pair of pages (in both English and Spanish) are accompanied by stunning illustrations that convey the warmth and universality of this most nu...Read more

BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book Back to top
BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book
Price $ 17.99
Parents Favorite Products

BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book provides an abundance of sensory-pleasing features that young ones can't seem to resist. Rich colors, supple shapes, soft, silky textures and crinkly sounds stimulate and reward the child's curiosity with visual, tactile and auditory surprises. Flappy the Elephant's face and the words 'Hello Baby' are embroidered on the front cover, while the back displays Flappy from behind (including an easy-to...Read more

Book Reader Animal Kingdom Back to top

Book Reader Animal Kingdom provides an exciting and entertaining educational experience for early readers. The skillfully designed blend of hardcover book and electronic learning features allows children to read on their own or interactively explore each page using the buttons and animal paw affixed to the right hand side of the book. By flipping the paw to touch any page, kids hear the contents read aloud, accompanied by...Read more

Essentials for Social Studies Back to top
5-8 yrs.
Brain Child

Essentials for Social Studies provides teachers with a remarkably effective and easy to use all-in-one resource with which to teach social studies to students age 5 through 8. The core of the book consists of 100 reproducible activity pages, each of which is structured in such a way as to engage, excite and inform. Titles, borders, text boxes, illustrations and other visual and structural elements vary in appearance from ...Read more

Funny Bone Books:  Ick and Crud, Going to the Vet (Book 3) Back to top

This wildly entertaining book is loaded with laugh-out-loud moments that only become funnier with each repeat read-through. Kids adore the sharply defined canine characters, best buddies Ick and Crud, whose human-like fears and foibles mirror their own. Young readers readily empathize with the dogs' avoidant behavior when faced with a trip to the vet, particularly their melodramatic musings once it becomes clear that rece...Read more

Golden Sparkles: An Introduction To Mindfulness Back to top

This lovely story, presented in captivating, heartfelt language and soaring illustrations, introduces children to the concept and practice of mindfulness. Youngsters find themselves joyfully immersed in the adventures of Dahlia, Victor and Bluu, a trio of children who become increasingly attuned to their own bodies, senses, and inner lives. Each two-page spread pulls young readers deeply into the story through a combinati...Read more

Tell Me the Story Again About How You Rescued Me Back to top

Children can't get enough of reading (or having read to them) this heartwarming story about a rescue dog's adoption, told from the pet owner's point of view directly to the animal that was adopted. Like most good stories, it starts at the beginning, with all the many decisions to consider and steps to taken when thinking about rescuing a pet. Among the book's many endearing qualities is an ongoing dialogue through which t...Read more

The Love of a Bingle Lancer Back to top
Top Fun

This delightfully romantic children's tale, filled with amusing names and whimsical rhymes, traces the course of true love between Prince Babaloo Bandini and his heart's one desire, Hoochie Coochie Smoocherini. Kids can't get enough of the abundantly colorful language and beautifully illustrated story, each page fairly bristling with humorous energy and playful flair. Adventure ignites when the King (who has other marital...Read more

The Sunday Comics Back to top
The Sunday Comics
Price $ 4.95 (14.95 for 4 issues)
By Golden Bell Studios
Parents Favorite Products

This is comics the way comics were meant to be seen and read! Big, bold artwork, panels loaded with visual and verbal zing, the delicious feel of physical paper entwined with the anticipatory excitement of turning an actual page! Generations have grown up gorging on newspaper comic strips, and The Sunday Comics takes this pleasure to the nth degree. Each issue offers an entire newspaper packed with genre-spanning original...Read more