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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

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1000 piece Periodic Table Puzzle Back to top

This robust 1,000 piece puzzle delights jigsaw puzzle fans and neophytes alike with its sprawling size and the satisfying challenge it presents. Atop these considerable pleasures is the benefit that assembling the puzzle both tests and markedly improves one's knowledge of the Periodic Table. In addition to displaying all the elements in their customary order, each rectangle in the table displays the atomic number, atomic ...Read more

4 Bananas Back to top
Brain Child

4 Bananas is a remarkably fun, fast-moving game that allows children to exercise and absorb new math and problem-solving skills. After being dealt 5 cards apiece, players take turns using colorfully illustrated domino cards to build a line out from the START piece. To add a card, it must match the value shown on the last card in line. In that regard, 3 bananas is equivalent to 3 crocodiles, 3 palm trees, or the number 3. ...Read more

Ace Eagle Wild Things Blanket Back to top
Top Fun

This luxuriously comfortable plush fabric blanket's design inspires relaxing snuggle time and plenty of exciting pretend play. That's because Fin Fun's Wild Things blankets are hooded and wearable. When action time arrives, the child simply pops the hood over his or her head and slips both hands into strategically placed pockets on the blanket's interior, instantly transforming into a colorfully detailed wild animal - in ...Read more

Aerobie Pro Ring Back to top
Top Fun

Aerobie Pro Ring enables even those entirely new to flying disc games to execute deft and dazzling maneuvers. The easily accessible skills made possible by the disc's unique, aerodynamic design inspire an abundance of outdoor activities, exhilarating games that promote increasingly impressive physical abilities. Aerobie Pro Ring features soft edges for exceptional comfort and a large, open center that allows players to ad...Read more

Animals 36 Piece Floor Puzzle Back to top
Parents Favorite Products

The artwork on this uncommonly entertaining 36 piece floor puzzle (beautifully illustrated by Ingela P. Arrhenius) is so utterly distinctive and charming that there may be a strong temptation to have it framed and hung on the living room wall. Each large, sturdy piece is perfectly sized for little hands to manipulate and visually appealing in its own right. The completed puzzle displays 32 irresistible critters, each with...Read more

Aqualiens Transforming Sea Creatures Back to top

This super-cool transforming dive toy starts out looking like a brightly colored space pod that, when dropped in water, spontaneously morphs into a shark or seahorse with some decidedly unearthly characteristics. The shark variety sprouts no fewer than 7 brightly colored fins as it descends, with 4 eyes (2 on either side of its head) that suddenly pop forward as a previously hidden row of fearsome teeth becomes visible. A...Read more

BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book Back to top
BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book
Price $ 17.99
Parents Favorite Products

BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book provides an abundance of sensory-pleasing features that young ones can't seem to resist. Rich colors, supple shapes, soft, silky textures and crinkly sounds stimulate and reward the child's curiosity with visual, tactile and auditory surprises. Flappy the Elephant's face and the words 'Hello Baby' are embroidered on the front cover, while the back displays Flappy from behind (including an easy-to...Read more

Book Reader Animal Kingdom Back to top

Book Reader Animal Kingdom provides an exciting and entertaining educational experience for early readers. The skillfully designed blend of hardcover book and electronic learning features allows children to read on their own or interactively explore each page using the buttons and animal paw affixed to the right hand side of the book. By flipping the paw to touch any page, kids hear the contents read aloud, accompanied by...Read more

Botley, the Coding Robot Activity Set Back to top

More than any product we have previously encountered, Botley makes it stunningly easy and enjoyable for kids to jump right in and begin learning programming concepts. Sequences, loops, and if/then programming (essential techniques employed by professional programmers) are immediately put to use as youngsters discover the joys of having this playful robot at their beck and call. The huge fun factor and ease-of-use inspire ...Read more

Boxitale - Knights of Nature Back to top
Top Fun

This innovative, interactive adventure game does a fabulous job of merging top-notch physical play with rousing digital fun. Players progress through exciting episodes of an original animated series on their smartphone via the game's companion app while completing crafting activities with components from the Boxitale Knights of Nature box. Within that beautifully designed package are two additional boxes, each of which co...Read more

Boxitale Mini Back to top
Boxitale Mini
Price $ 12
By Akibabus Ltd
Brain Child

Boxitale Mini is an immensely fun, interactive adventure game that gets kids thinking creatively and constructively. While watching animated episodes in the game's included companion app, children use special Boxitale connectors and rods (70 of each are included) to build solutions that help lovable characters in the video overcome challenges. Each time an onscreen friend encounters an obstacle, the young viewer is shown ...Read more

Bright Lights Soccer Ball Back to top
Bright Lights Soccer Ball
Price $ 14.99
By VTech
6-36 mos.
Brain Child

The Bright Lights Soccer Ball is an exceptionally entertaining toy that promotes the development of motor skills and tactile awareness while also teaching numbers, colors, opposites, and more! The ball itself is a squeezably soft plush design with a friendly, smiling face and a pair of outstretched hands that produce a satisfying crinkling sound when touched or manipulated. The smiling face also functions as a light-up bu...Read more

Coral Cloud Limited Edition Mermaid Tail & Monofin Set Back to top

Myth and mystery spring to life with this limited edition mermaid tail and monofin set from Fin Fun. The Coral Cloud mermaid tail looks absolutely radiant in or out of the water as the sun's rays reflect off its shimmering coral, pink and fuchsia scales. The set's remarkably lightweight and comfortable monofin is built for speed, durability and comfort and provides a secure fit that comes off with a gentle tug once it's t...Read more

Creator Kit Back to top
Creator Kit
Price $ 499.00
By Infento
1 - 11 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

This amazing modular kit (the first of its kind) lets families build 10 different children's rides - walkers, scooters, bikes, trikes, go-carts, and more! The kit's components, instructions, and the incredibly durable life-sized rides it produces are of unsurpassed quality. And the value of Infento's Creator Kit is almost miraculously high given that it continually serves the riding needs of children as they grow and dev...Read more

Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether Back to top

Young ones find Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether to be endlessly fascinating fun, and no wonder, with so much to see and so much to do! This compact, portable plaything comes packed with visual, tactile and auditory pleasures that keep young children delightedly investigating its every detail. The daisy's 5 petals offer a variety of colors, textures and activities that invite and inspire physical exploration - rings that slid...Read more

Day 'N Night Elephant Pal Back to top

The Day 'N Night Elephant Pal keeps young ones captivated with its array of eye-catching colors and patterns, inviting textures and audio visual effects. The mix of physical and electronic features provides stimulating activities to which children respond by exploring every little detail. The mirror reflects the baby's visage but also functions as a screen on which light-up animal images appear (cat, dog, bird or frog) ac...Read more

Doll Sized Chef's Kitchen and Accessories Back to top

This wonderful doll-sized kitchen play set fires up children's imaginations with its delightfully life-like level of detail. Visually, the kitchen looks much like the real thing, miniaturized. Youngsters respond to it by immediately launching into extensive pretend play, spinning spontaneous storylines that utilize the set's pots, pans, cooking accessories, and implements. The kitchen area includes a back wall and a sink,...Read more

Don't Rock the Boat Back to top
Don't Rock the Boat
Price $ 24.99
By PlayMonster
Best Family Fun

Don't Rock the Boat is a hugely enjoyable family game that puts a smile on kids' faces even before play commences. The boat itself is an impressively detailed 3D ship with masts, a crow's nest, and planks jutting from either side. The playing pieces are so imaginatively conceived (comically menacing penguin pirates, sea creatures, a chest of gold, a cannon, and more) that the mere sight of them produces mirth and glee. Th...Read more

Drive 'N Learn Playmat Back to top

Drive 'N Learn Playmat inspires young ones to explore sights and sounds while delighting and fascinating them with interactive cause and effect. The illustrated playmat displays a busy town, its roads and terrain populated with parents, children, vehicles and key locations (a playground, police station, train station, grocery store and much more). Children use the set's push along car to explore the town. As the 4-wheeled...Read more

Elena Marie Engel Dollfriend Back to top
Parents Favorite Products

Elena is a recent addition to Dollfriends, an outstanding line of wholesome, durable, ultra high quality vinyl dolls whose lifelike appearance and carefully crafted features promote deeply engaging play with a positive values orientation. Luxurious golden blond hair, open and close eyes, bendable arms and legs, and detailed feet are just a few of the 22 features of realism incorporated into Elena's design. Breathing furth...Read more

Emotion Tiles Back to top
12 mo.+
Brain Child

Emotion Tiles is a fabulous way for parents and educators to promote strong social and emotional development in young children. Each of the set's 20 disk-shaped tiles displays a photograph of either an adult or child whose facial expression conveys a specific feeling: happy, tired, angry, silly or sad. The accompanying activity sheet presents activities and games that include imitation, matching, memory matching, and the ...Read more

Flip It - Projector & Night Light Back to top

Children find this compact, cleverly designed product to be an enjoyable source of entertainment and relaxation at bedtime or anytime. The playfully futuristic-looking unit, which has a projector at one end and a night light at the other, is housed on a detachable stand that allows it to be swiveled 360 degrees. Pressing the 'on' button once casts light through the projector end, twice illuminates the nightlight, and thre...Read more

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