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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

Websites, Video & DVD

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Britannica Kids Back to top
Britannica Kids
Price $ 74.95/year
By Britannica Kids
Brain Child

Britannica Kids is a mobile-friendly, interactive online platform that includes 100,000+ articles and 60,000+ media assets covering a variety of curriculum subjects and standards (STEM, Common Core, and more). Be it for homework, research, making an informed point, or simply to experience the sheer joy of learning, this subscription-based service offers a wealth of information whose magnitude matches our insatiable thirst...Read more Back to top
Price $ 0 - $298.00
2 - 11 yrs.
Brain Child is a stunningly robust early learning platform that provides parents and educators with a vast array of guided lessons and learning resources targeted for children from preschool through 5th grade. The website does a remarkable job of presenting its more than 30,000 games, worksheets, activities and lessons in such a way as to make them easy to navigate and to tailor to each child's individual needs. Parents...Read more

French for Kids: L'anniversaire de Fritzi (Fritzi's Birthday) Back to top

The arrival of this wonderful French language-learning video is cause for celebration on several fronts. Marie and the Whistlefritz gang are at it again - speaking French, laughing, and, this time out, planning a birthday party for everybody's favorite animated mouse, Fritzi! This interactive French immersion program works so well, in part, because kids become so quickly and strongly engaged by its content. Children enjoy...Read more

The French Collection (Boxed Set of 4 DVDs + 2 CDs) Back to top

Whistlefritz's abundant expertise is on full display throughout each of the six French language-learning programs that make up this wonderful boxed set. Young audiences find the joyously entertaining mix of animation, music and live action to be irresistibly fun, so much so that they return again and again to watch, listen and learn. Whistlefritz's immersive language-learning approach is so effective because of the depth ...Read more