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Let's Boogie (Rock'n' Rainbow)

Let's Boogie (Rock'n' Rainbow)
Sterling Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Rainbow Songs Inc.
4-8 yrs.

This debut album from Rock'n'Rainbow consists of catchy, well-crafted songs that run the gamut from hard-driving rock to disco, reggae, and some super-delicious funk. Two things the songs have in common are consistently high energy and lyrics that focus strongly on active living. I Like to Ride My Bike and Faster Scootercat convey the thrill kids feel riding around outdoors powered by their own bodies. The Freeze is an irresistibly funky number that gets kids dancing and freezing in place as directed by the lyrics. There's plenty of humor and imagination to go around (Everybody Farts and Blue Elvis Blues are prime examples). It's evident from the level of detail and variety in the music that the songwriters are not playing down to their young audience, a fact that parents listening in will appreciate. There are 17 songs in all, with strong hooks, catchy vocals, and varied rhythms and structures that engage kids, mind and body.