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Golden Sparkles: An Introduction To Mindfulness

Golden Sparkles: An Introduction To Mindfulness
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Grosvenor House Publishing
5-10 yrs.

This lovely story, presented in captivating, heartfelt language and soaring illustrations, introduces children to the concept and practice of mindfulness. Youngsters find themselves joyfully immersed in the adventures of Dahlia, Victor and Bluu, a trio of children who become increasingly attuned to their own bodies, senses, and inner lives. Each two-page spread pulls young readers deeply into the story through a combination of highly accessible, beautifully crafted language accompanied by stunning artwork. The awe-inspiring visuals pair powerfully with the storyline, riveting the young reader's attention and imparting the book's wisdom on a visceral level, very much in keeping with the concept of mindfulness itself. This 26 page laminate hardback book includes a glossary of terms as well as invaluable mindfulness exercises. Golden Sparkles was written by author/mother/teacher, Catarina R. Peterson, and illustrated by the immensely talented Mateya Arkova.