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Melody Jams

Melody Jams
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Melody Jams Inc.

The exceptional look, feel, and functionality of this free app make it a delightful way for kids to experience the joys of making music. The app opens to reveal a colorful garage interior with a stage-like performance area. Across the bottom of the screen are a dozen fun, animated characters, each with a different musical instrument. Children tap and drag these characters onstage, where they launch into playing their various instruments. Up to five characters can play at a time, the music sounding quite different depending on which instruments are active. Kids excitedly experiment with various combinations, then extend the exploration further by playing their own onscreen musical instrument along with the band. The music sounds remarkably good regardless of which instruments are in play, providing youngsters with a thoroughly enjoyable playtime experience and an essential education for their developing ears.