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Britannica Kids

Britannica Kids
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Britannica Kids

Britannica Kids is a mobile-friendly, interactive online platform that includes 100,000+ articles and 60,000+ media assets covering a variety of curriculum subjects and standards (STEM, Common Core, and more). Be it for homework, research, making an informed point, or simply to experience the sheer joy of learning, this subscription-based service offers a wealth of information whose magnitude matches our insatiable thirst for knowledge. Britannica Kids is incredibly easy to navigate, with reading levels tailored according to age or ability: Kids (K-5th Grade), Students (6th-8th Grades), and Scholars (9th Grade and beyond). For generations, Britannica has been a trusted household name, a remarkable resource through which children and families have gleaned accurate information and explored the wonders of the world. Britannica Kids extends and expands upon this tradition, continually updating its content so as to stay up-to-date. Take advantage of Britannica Kids' 7-day free trial for a risk free opportunity to experience it firsthand.