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Do You Believe In Magic

Do You Believe In Magic
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Aoede Muse Music

Do You Believe in Magic takes us on a journey into an enchanted land filled with captivating music and populated with richly detailed characters of the sort one might expect to find in a big budget fantasy film. It's a wonderful merging of dialogue, narration, and song, a musical/rock opera that evokes the feel of the Harry Potter saga and is well-suited for tweens and adults. The scope of the production is remarkable - 23 cuts laced with excitingly dramatic spoken-word performances and songs that would be at home in a Broadway musical, served up by a sizable, highly talented cast. No small undertaking, this. The album opens with the ominous, ethereal strains of what sounds like a musical spell being cast, or perhaps the sources of good and evil brewing for a confrontation. We know immediately that we're not in Kansas anymore, and are glad for it. For adventure is precisely what the audience of Do You Believe in Magic will have come hoping to find, and the album doesn't disappoint.