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Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether

Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Winfat Industrial Company Limited

Young ones find Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether to be endlessly fascinating fun, and no wonder, with so much to see and so much to do! This compact, portable plaything comes packed with visual, tactile and auditory pleasures that keep young children delightedly investigating its every detail. The daisy's 5 petals offer a variety of colors, textures and activities that invite and inspire physical exploration - rings that slide, a happy-go-lucky bee, a reflective surface, and more. At the flower's center is a clear, circular dome adorned with a curlicue design and that contains 10 colored beads that rattle and roll in response to movement. When pressed, that circular center unleashes a surprise squeaky sound that never fails to produce a smile. The toy affixes with incredible ease to any smooth surface via its suction-cupped back, and, while firmly in place, the entire daisy can be spun from petal to petal. Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether stimulates the child's mind and body, nurturing curiosity, physical movement and development of all the senses.