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Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Olababy Inc.
0-12 mo.

This brilliantly designed, easy-to-use electric nail trimmer makes trimming a baby's nails simple and painless. Trimmo's calming appearance and ingenious functionality turn what could otherwise have been a daunting experience into something far more pleasant. The entire device fits comfortably in the palm of an adult's hand. Its ergonomic egg-shaped design has just one visible moving part when in use, a central disk with a rotating buffer pad that gently files and polishes nails. Two rotation-speed settings and three interchangeable buffer pads allow customized usage suited to babies' needs from 0 through 12 months. A built-in LED (with its own on/off switch) casts light directly onto the area where nail and buffer pad meet, providing optimal visibility and accuracy in any setting. Also included is a USB cable that enables Trimmo to be quickly recharged (no batteries needed!) by plugging it into any USB port.