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Ace Eagle Wild Things Blanket

Ace Eagle Wild Things Blanket
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Fin Fun

This luxuriously comfortable plush fabric blanket's design inspires relaxing snuggle time and plenty of exciting pretend play. That's because Fin Fun's Wild Things blankets are hooded and wearable. When action time arrives, the child simply pops the hood over his or her head and slips both hands into strategically placed pockets on the blanket's interior, instantly transforming into a colorfully detailed wild animal - in this case, the heroic Ace Eagle! With 3D eyes, furry white head and tail, and a pliable beak, Ace Eagle serves both as cozy companion and noble, fearsome alter ego. Kids experience the deep pleasure of tapping into their inner wild thing, playfully expressing animal ferocity, often spinning elaborate storylines and fun action scenarios in which they play act with friends and family. There are a variety of Wild Things blankets from which to choose, and few things are as much fun as watching two or more kids don their blankets and launch into joyously imaginative and highly social play.