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Burst Out Laughing Gas

Burst Out Laughing Gas
Laugh Out Loud
Tillywig Award Winner 2017


The deeply entertaining interplay unleashed by this wonderful party and family game elicits peals of laughter from players and observers alike. The challenge on any given turn is for one player to use spoken clues to get teammates to not only guess two common phrases, but to combine them into something called a combolution. Example: phrase 1) Ketchup and Mustard, phrase 2) Mustard Gas, combolution: Ketchup and Mustard Gas. Each combolution solved earns a Speak Your Piece of Cake scoring token, and the first team to collect 20 wins. When clue-giving, a player may not speak any of the words contained in the phrase, but the pressures of a sand timer can induce many a point-costing slip. 3 sets of phrases/combolutions appear on each challenge card, and a team is free to try for all 3 in a single turn as long as time has not run out. 385 cards containing 1155 combolutions keep things fresh (and family and friends in stitches) game after hilarious game. For 4 or more players.