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Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Tactic Games

With its cleverly conceived components, unusually well-crafted game play and an abundance of laughter-filled moments, Emojito! scores waaay big in the fun department! On each turn, a different player uses only sounds or facial expressions - sometimes both, depending on the space they're on - to demonstrate the emotion shown on their current Emotion Card. The cards themselves are utterly hilarious, a wild array of critters and inanimate objects shown in a state of deep emotional expressiveness. The only thing more amusing is watching a fellow player grunt, hum, growl, howl and/or contort their face in an effort to communicate that emotion without using a single word! That player then mixes the card with 6 others and spreads them around the seven-sided numbered board so that each of the other players can venture a guess as to which card was just imitated. For each correct guess, both actor and guesser get to advance their tokens on the board. The first player to complete five circuits around the board is the winner! For 2 - 7 players.