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Grandpa Beck's The Bears and the Bees

Grandpa Beck's The Bears and the Bees
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Grandpa Beck's Games

The Bears and the Bees is an addictively fun, fast-paced card game in which luck, skill and strategy all play a part in determining who wins and who loses. Players take turns adding honeycomb shaped cards from their hands to an ever-expanding hive, with the requirement that at least two sides of each card played touch, and match the color of, the sides of cards in the existing hive. Plentiful twists and turns keep things exciting from start to finish, including special cards, bonus plays, and lots of variety in the color distribution on the cards, including wild card colors. The goal is to be the first player to rid his or her hand of cards. As the hive grows, players employ offensive and defensive strategies to further their own progress and stymie that of their opponents. Clever, playfully-themed cards - Queen Bee, Basic hive cards, Drones, Flowers, Worker Bees (and those darned nuisances, Bears) - add to the already considerable fun, making this one of the best party and family games we have seen in quite some time.